Need a rental car in Alicante Airport?

If you’re after a car hire service at Alicante Airport, we’ve got your back. We’ve got a massive range of rental vehicles. Our fleet covers everything from nippy runabouts to 7 to 9-seater minivans.

Easy Booking Process.

Just pick the car that suits you best, make your booking request online, fill in the deets we ask for, and pick up the ride at the airport. Easy, quick, and most importantly, no sneaky costs or last-minute surprises. We throw in extra services like no-excess insurance or kiddie seats. Once you’ve chosen your car, add any extras that float your boat.

Personal Touch.

At Alicante Airport, you’ll find our crew in the public parking lobby. To get there, once you’ve grabbed your luggage and exited to the arrivals terminal, you’ll spot lifts and escalators. Take one up a floor. You’ll see a long corridor – trot along it, and at the end, that’s where we’ll be waiting for you.

From there, we’ll tag along to grab your car, chilling in the public parking lot.

Got any questions? Hit us up. We’re chuffed to help you snag the perfect ride for your trip. Book it now!

Rent a Car in Alicante Airport

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How to get there

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