Renting an electric car. Is it recommended?

In this day and age, electric mobility is the current order. But is it worth renting an electric car? Or rather, is it feasible to do so?

The answer to both questions is the same. It depends.

Electric car

Electric car VS combustion car

Let’s start by comparing the two types of vehicles.

Fuel cost: Electric motors are much more energy efficient than combustion engines. To drive 100 km with an electric car costs approximately 13 kWh (although it depends on the size of the car), while a car with a fuel consumption of 5 l/100km would need the equivalent of 45 kWh of petrol to cover the same distance. This, together with the fact that a kWh in off-peak hours costs no more than 0.10 euros (with taxes) and petrol costs more than 1.40 euros/litre, is a big difference. 100 kilometres in an electric car costs (approximately) 1.30 euros, while in a petrol car it costs 7 euros: five times more.

Range: This is the weak point of electric cars, although they are getting better and better at it. At present, it is sufficient for a short trip to a destination not too far away. However, if we are going to use the electric car for long journeys, we must opt for models with greater autonomy and therefore more expensive, as well as adapting the way we travel (and, perhaps, the destination) to accommodate recharging. Therefore, on this point, the combustion car has an advantage.

Recharging point: The issue of the recharging point should not be forgotten either. If we are travelling home and do not have a charging point, we must have public charging facilities available. If we go to a hotel, we must make sure that they have charging points (it is increasingly common to find charging points in them). With a combustion engine, we only need to go to a petrol station, which is much easier to find nearby.

Therefore, before renting an electric car, we should take into account the possibilities of charging spaces and organise our possible holiday trips accordingly.

Renting an electric car in Spain.

Renting an electric car in Spain, this is where we have the answer to the initial questions, depends on the area where we are and the idea of holidays we have.

In big cities it is relatively easy to find charging points on the street. Even renting city cars hourly, which are picked up at one charging station and returned at another. For a business trip, this is the ideal solution.

In smaller cities or coastal areas it is more complicated. The infrastructure is getting better and better, yes, but it is still a bit sparse. Therefore we have to take in consideration what we have said in the previous point (charging points in the hotel, public points…). Obviously, recharging at a charging point is more expensive than at home with your own charging station.

What is the best solution?

Currently the best solution if we want to be “ecofriendly”, and if we are in an area like ours in La Manga del Mar Menor, is a hybrid vehicle.

If we have an easily accessible charging point, and the rental company has them available, we can opt for a plug-in hybrid. These vehicles can be used a little more in electric mode.
If a charging point is not available, we will have to settle for a normal hybrid.

Both have the same advantages as a 100% electric car when we want to enter certain city centres, public car parks …

What about us?

At Conccordcars we are not going to incorporate electric cars for the moment. We have had some hybrids in our fleet and it is likely that we will incorporate more and more models to our fleet.

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