When we rent a car, we use it to drive on public roads and, If we don’t want fines, we must respect the established rules of the road. The same as when we drive our own vehicle.

What happens if I get a fine with my hire car?

There are two ways to be notified of this fine.

First one. We are notified personally by the corresponding officer. For example, if we exceed the speed limit and we are fined by a mobile speed camera, the officers in this car can stop us and notify us of the fine on the spot.

Second one. Is when we are not notified in person. In this case, in the first instance, the fine will be sent to the rental company. The rental company is obliged to identify the client, exposing itself to a heavy fine if it fails to do so.

Once the company is notified and the driver is identified, the corresponding body will send the fine.

This is the main reason why car rental companies ask the client for personal data such as driving licence number, expiry date, address, etc., together with the reason to verify that the person picking up the car is able to drive.


How do I pay a fine I have been fined abroad?

Nowadays there is no problem to pay a fine you have been fined far away from home. In today’s digital age, you can pay online from anywhere and with the help of a simple smartphone… there is no excuse.

When we receive the fine, the same document contains the necessary instructions on how to pay it. As well as the usual reduction in the amount applied for “prompt payment”.

Fines abroad “do not arrive”.

There is a false belief that fines that may be imposed abroad “do not reach us” and this is not the case. The time it takes to receive the fine will be longer than if we were fined in our city and with our car, but we will receive it.

So it is better to be prudent, respect the rules and do not be overconfident.

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